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"Statement Services"

Remote Statement Services are profile driven and tailored to meet each client's specific needs. There are many advantages to using RSS over producing statements in-house. Two of the most significant advantages are, cost savings and technology. RSS provides the service at a flat rate per statement processed (postage included). There is no cost of storing statements prior to use, no waste of statements during the printing process, no employee time required in printing or preparing statements for mailing, and no wear and tear reducing the service life of the hospital's printers.

Industry leading technology is the cornerstone of RSS. All statements are laser printed ensuring superior quality and addresses are checked against the USPS database to ensure accuracy before being sorted and mailed. RSS customers may also take advantage of skip-tracing services and online billVISTA™ service.

Step One - Document Conception

When designing the correspondence, corporate identity, layout, paper type, and text are all considered to ensure clear written communication with the patient promoting prompt payment. Mailings will include a tear off portion and return envelope to illicit prompt payment.

All statements, notices, and letters are custom designed for each client to meet their specific needs. With the assistance of an EMA representative, hospital management will custom design the layout and text of Patient Friendly bills, follow-up notices, and collection letters. Customization can include, but is not limited to, clear illustration of Prompt Payment Discounts offered indicating the discounted amount and date due, lock box information, and variable text "Message Boxes".

Each financial class will be assigned its own specific letter detailing the status of the account. Accounts with balances after insurance will state that insurance has paid and the balance is now due. While uninsured, accounts will state that no insurance information was furnished at the time of service, and either the balance is now due or immediate communication is requested if there is applicable insurance coverage. Accounts that received a denial from an insurance carrier also will explain the account status and hospital's expectation regarding payment.

For additional programming and service fees, EMA can also summarize charges, payments, and adjustments. Charges can be summarized by UB92, revenue, and department codes by parsing the raw data sent.

Step Two - Implementation

EMA employs an expert technical support staff who will design and implement the necessary scripts and encryption for daily or weekly transmission of data. Presently, Remote Statement Services can accept data from virtually any system with ease via SFTP, email, modem or magnetic media.

Upon receipt of placement files, EMA generates an electronic acknowledgement of total number of accounts placed, letter types sent, new addresses, and bad addresses daily, weekly, or monthly.

Printing companies outside of the healthcare industry are not subject to HIPAA rules and regulations. As a covered entity under HIPAA, EMA is required to abide by the same rules and regulations as our clients. EMA has the proven experience of processing healthcare-related statements for over a decade, and our staff is trained to handle sensitive data in a secure and professional manner.

Step Three - Document Fulfilment

All variable and fixed text is laser printed using high speed, high volume laser printers on cut sheet 8 1/2 by 11 or 8 1/2 by 14, 24 pound, custom forms in a distributed print network. All forms have a horizontal miro-perf to provide a stub to remit payment.

Printed documents are grouped based on barcode identifiers and folded, a standard #9 single window reply envelope and inserts are selected, and the entire package is inserted into a standard #10 window envelope.

Processed mailings are then checked against USPS FASTforward Move Update Notification databases and applied with the appropriate postage based on the job account profile information. The sequence of the documents is pre-determined from the postal processing step. Mailings are then containerized and labeled according to postal processing regulations. Files received by 8:00 AM are processed and mailed by the close of business that day.

RSS provides its clients with total accountability. Files are acknowledged by letter type and the entire fulfillment process is managed at every station. Daily, weekly, or monthly, an Undeliverable Mail Report and address correction report is produced. The Undeliverable Mail Report contains undeliverable addresses and lists specific account numbers with a code referencing the reason their piece was undeliverable. The Address Correction Report contains a new address supplied by the USPS FASTforward Move Update Notification database, which can be supplied in hard or soft copy and can be scripted to automate address corrections in the hospital system.

Experience the Difference

By leveraging state-of-the-art document composition, processing, and fulfillment, EMA's Remote Statement Services sets the bar for Healthcare patient billing standards.

At no cost or obligation, an EMA representative will conduct an in-depth analysis of your statement processing and provide your hospital with a comprehensive proposal illustrating how RSS will work for your hospital effortlessly and efficiently.