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When following up on payment arrangements, most hospitals contact their patients by mail, not by phone. Those that do follow-up by phone on missed payments usually wait 30 - 90 days before doing so. As a result, 30-50% of continuing payment arrangements are in arrears and will be eventually written off. The key to our Time Payment Program's success is consistent, professional execution of phone and mail follow-up in the hospital's name. Many hospitals do not have the staff to allocate the appropriate resources to time payment accounts.

Step One - Program Design

Prior to implementation, an EMA representative and appropriate hospital administration will meet to design the tactical plans of letter and voice follow-up to be used for the hospital's continuing payment arrangements. All accounts entering the Time Payment Program will have an Action Plan associated with them. The Action Plan will have a predetermined number of specific letters and phone attempts associated with it that will be executed at specific times.

When Designing the written correspondence, the hospital may either use their own corporate identity or use the E-Management Associates corporate identity. Forms used will be on 8 1/2 by 11, 24 lb. paper and will have a tear off portion to remit payment to the hospital, a lock box, or EMA. The content and text of the letters will be designed by the hospital with the assistance of an EMA representative and will be laser printed on the custom forms.

To ensure that all phone calls are handled in a consistent manner with the hospital's credit policies, phone scripts will be developed by an EMA representative with the assistance of hospital administration. The Time Payment Representatives will then use the phone scripts anytime they are speaking with patients.

Step Two - Program Implementation

EMA employs expert internal technical support who will work closely with your HIS department to ensure proper implementation of the Time Payment Program approved by your hospital's administrators. Our IS Department, with its extensive knowledge of data transfers, will also ensure that the method of transferring and processing files is virtually seamless to hospital staff and is HIPAA compliant.

All accounts entering the Hospital's Time Payment Program will have an Action Plan associated with them. The approved Action Plan will ensure that each activity will be executed at specific times. Furthermore, all activites executed will be documented in the hospital's system and a Take Action Report will be sent to patient accounts daily for review.

Action Plans can also be altered at anytime with the hospital's written request. In order to ensure total control over the accounts, mechanisms will also be established for patient accounting staff to place holds on accounts and stop accounts in their Time Payment Program. These mechanisms will be executed through a bi-directional interface between the Time Payment Program and the hospital's system, thus ensuring a seamless exchange of data.

Step Three - Program Accountability

We stand by our work 100%. All clients' Time Payment Programs are monitored on a daily basis by a Time Payment Supervisor and on a weekly basis by Management. A client services executive also reviews each program's performance quarterly with appropriate management at the hospital. Quarterly meetings include comprehensive reporting of the hospital's Time Payment Program's performance.

Time Payment Programs utilizing the hospital's corporate identity will direct all payments to the hospital. Payments received for Time Payment Programs utilizing E-Management Associate's corporate identity will be posted daily to the appropriate account and deposited daily into a Client Trust Account. On or before the fifteenth of each month, the hospital will receive a complete accounting statement of all payments from the previous month with a check enclosed for monies due the hospital. Also, for the protection of the hospital, EMA is fully bonded and insured.

Tailored for your needs!

Using seamless communications routines to provide effective management of extended payment arrangements, our Time Payment Programs will improve compliance by 30% or more.

At no cost or obligation, an EMA representative will conduct an in-depth analysis of your continuing payment arrangements and provide your hospital with a comprehensive proposal illustrating how the system will work for your hospital effortlessly and efficiently.